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A day with Dorto’s project manager

24 Feb 2017 0    ۸۲۵ ۳

Step by step in the company of Ms. Ziayi, Dorto’s Project Manager to get the teaser ready for broadcasting.

The #BiaJaMishi (Come over! There’s room for you.) Campaign for Asus

20 Feb 2017 0    ۷۳۴ ۰

The digital marketing department is running a cool and inviting campaign for Asus, and this is the story of the steps taken for conducting the campaign which we’d like to share with you. So, join us…

The #BiaJaMishi (Come over! There’s room for you.) Campaign for Asus

16 Feb 2017 0    ۳,۷۵۳ ۰

The digital marketing department is running a cool and inviting campaign for Asus, and this is the story of the steps taken for conducting the campaign which we’d like to share with you. So, join us…

Shahin-e-Talayi (The Golden Falcon)

16 Feb 2017 0    ۸۳۳ ۰

Holding the Shahih-e-Talayi trophy in hand is a great feeling. A feeling you can just experience when your attempts have come to fruition and your efforts have paid off. This trophy belongs to every single one of us, and we all share the success. It would be impossible to achieve it without your companionship. We […]

A Day with Iran Novin Staff at Lunch

15 Feb 2017 1    ۱,۲۹۹ ۰

This is the video of the day we spent lunch time with Iran Novin staff… Let’s see what they have for lunch…

The Round-the-Clock Department of Iran Novin

09 Feb 2017 0    ۷۴۰ ۰

After designing comes the time for implementation which is of course of the highest possible quality. Our fellow coworkers in the printing department work energetically for a long time to present the best work of the highest standard.

Iran Novin Staff’s superheroes

08 Feb 2017 0    ۸۳۲ ۰

Superman, Batman, Spiderman… Cinderella! We’ve all had our superheroes since childhood whom we’ve always wished to be like one day. But now we have different ones. Most of our superheroes today are real people. Those powerful and admirable people who have reached their goals in real life and are role models for most of us […]

The creative and brilliant Ammar

07 Feb 2017 0    ۷۲۷ ۰

Creating an ideal and inspiring image is not at all easy. Apart from expertise, it requires passion, creativity, patience, and focus. Ammar, the brilliant and creative guy in the CG department of Iran Novin, is telling us about his job.

A Day with Mr. Hashemian

07 Feb 2017 0    ۷۴۹ ۰

The creative and gifted manager of the Department of Ideation in the agency. As he himself puts it, our expertise and job is to transform a logical phenomenon to an emotional practice. It is of utmost importance for us to recognize people’s everyday needs and to hold an up-to-date and different perspective.

A Snowy Day in the Agency

07 Feb 2017 0    ۷۹۲ ۰

It makes no difference how old we are; whenever it snows, we all go back to our childhood, kick up our heels, and feel like getting into a snowball fight. And today, our guys in the agency had a great snowy day, made the most of it, and had a lot of fun. We should […]

And Finally Digital Marketing…

04 Feb 2017 2    ۱,۲۵۸ ۰

And here’s the story of Iran Novin’s Digital Marketing team moving to a new office, which finally happened after two weeks. A new office, renewed vigor, a new project.

Iran Novin family

Yalda Night

31 Jan 2017 ۰

Yalda in Iran Novin Style.


31 Jan 2017 ۰

Here’s a mannequin challenge in Iran Novin style! By the way, happy birthday to Mina and Mahsa.

Iran Novin’s Harmony

31 Jan 2017 ۰

Having a specific harmony helps to make both life and work flow much more smoothly and joyfully. In Iran Novin, we have found our harmony, how about you?

Why Iran Novin?

31 Jan 2017 ۰

How can we know an advertising company? What criteria should we have in mind for picking out an advertising company? What makes you trust an advertising company? Mr. Rastin is answering these questions.


31 Jan 2017 ۰

We’re the best, because we’ve been working with the best.


31 Jan 2017 ۰

No matter how innovative and striking an advertisement is, if it isn’t presented through a good medium, it can’t be that inspiring. As Mr. Noohi, the Manager of Media Department, puts it, “An influential medium renders an innovative advert timeless.”

Iran Novin’s Cellphone

31 Jan 2017 ۰

In Iran Novin, we’re all connected to each other, which makes our jobs flow with the best possible coordination and speed, to produce outcomes of high standard and appeal.

Computer Graphics

31 Jan 2017 ۰

For special effects to be influential, there should be creative and proficient professionals, and of course, enough time. Special effects call for special artists, like Massoud who is telling us about the Special Effects Department on behalf of the team.


31 Jan 2017 ۰

We should weigh ourselves against the best in the world to stand out among the competition. Mr. Mahboob, the Manager of the Graphics Department, is telling us about their international experience.


31 Jan 2017 ۰

As the competition among brands grows, ultimately, the most creative one that makes the deepest impression on the audience comes out on top. This is where offering experience of a reputable brand matters. We are proud to have cooperated with such huge entities as Mellat Bank, Irancell, and Huawei.


31 Jan 2017 ۰

Let’s drop by Iran Novin’s factory and warehouse to show our appreciation for their constant efforts at ensuring that everything progresses, as expected, with a high standard and in an organized fashion.

Iran Novin’s Logo

31 Jan 2017 ۰

We are a whole when together. This is Kanoon Iran Novin.


31 Jan 2017 ۰

It’s a good thing, even necessary, to be swift… But only so long as this swiftness is accompanied by precision and quality. As Iman says, “Here at Kanoon Iran Novin, there is no margin of error for us.”

Think Tank

31 Jan 2017 ۰

It is a necessity to be creative if you want to be distinguished. As put by Mr. Hashemian, the Head of the Ideation Department, our key to success is to have ideas and creativity.

Customer Care

31 Jan 2017 ۰

Customer satisfaction is the top priority; to achieve that, it is essential to listen to them attentively. To quote Marjan, “Doing what customers ask you, in the best way, with the highest quality, and in the shortest possible time, is Iran Novin’s responsibility. Here we are to take you towards your visions.


31 Jan 2017 ۰

Being up-to-date and strict, as well as paying meticulous attention to details, are the features of a veteran Iran Novin employee, which make all our works appealing and shining; just like Sina and Nikta in the photography team.



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