Digital marketing
Be identified correctly, precisely, and quickly

The virtual world is becoming more and more real and its role and share in our life is increasing day by day. The world of digital advertising, marketing and branding is not an exception to this rule. For this reason, participation and activity in the online space, especially social media, is highly addressed by popular brands of the world.

Communication strategy of successful brands of the world is the result of synergy of all media. For this reason, efforts are made so that all media including digital, BTL and ATL, etc. serve one unique goal and act on an integrated basis. This rule applies to digital area. Digital media are quite diverse and their scope of activity is very broad. Hence, each brand tries to use them by considering its own strategy and policy. For this purpose, a roadmap should be developed by which the media may serve the brand collectively and interactively. In this way, a creative, integrated and valuable ecosystem will be developed among the businesses and their relations with audience and customers.

Another important aspect is the economic aspect of advertising and marketing activities in digital space. The opportunity for wide access to a large audience and interaction facilities of social networks has made the activities of brands in digital space quite cost-effective and measurable due to observation means of media.

Another advantage of activity in digital space is the access to a targeted databank for the brand. This databank is accessible due to use of digital tools and facilities which can result in optimization and more efficiency of activity in business environment.

Fortunately, KANOON IRAN NOVIN has one of the best specialized teams of digital marketing; a team that assists the brands to enjoy the valuable treasury of digital comprehensive ecosystem by relying on updated knowledge and experience and an energetic and modernist spirit.

Services of digital marketing department

  • Develop an advertising strategy in digital media such as social networks and websites
  • Produce contents in various formats; produce types of teasers, motion graphics, banners, photography, infographics, etc.
  • Design integrated branding strategies for online space in line with offline space
  • Integrate services in online space aiming at reducing the costs and increasing the efficiency
  • Design strategies and implement improvement of performance, rank and website in search engines
  • Design and implement online business shops
  • Correct and change strategies if necessary, choose new approaches to obtain the best result
  • Periodic revision of plans, analyze the results
  • Standard reporting
  • Plan, design and implement strategies purposeful appearance in online space and digital media
  • Design and implement strategies for purposeful appearance in appropriate social networks
  • Design and implement market research, analyze the performance of competitors in online space
  • Plan, design and generate types of specialized contents proportional to the brand identify and demand
  • Design and implement various digital marketing procedures proportional to the brand demands such as influencer marketing, email marketing, content marketing, etc.
  • Design, implement and maintain websites and applications
  • Design and develop customers clubs
  • Design and establish online business stores
  • Produce effective contents based on brand strategy for social networks and web
  • Improve appearance in search engines based on brand SEM and SEO solutions
  • Effective advertising in websites and applications on banner and native basis
  • Viral video advertising
  • Adbertising through influential individuals; celebrities and influencers of virtual networks
  • Advertising through SMS and emails
  • Design and implement advertising campaigns in social networks
  • Analyze and report activities, optimize contents and advertise by providing a new solution

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Digital marketing
Digital marketing
Digital marketing
Digital marketing
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