Environmental Medias
City, Spectators and Company of Your Brand

City is a media; an ultimately significant, complicated and attractive media, full of dynamic and various opportunities. We as citizens, however, usually consider our city environment taken for granted and quite normal or natural and we less pay attention to its unique communicative, promotional and media capability of the city.

Benefiting from the city environment for commercial and social advertising is only one of the numerous aspects of the communicative-media capabilities of the cities. Attention to the point that every day million eyes see the environmental advertisings creates a unique opportunity for brands and for presenting the goods and services.

From the viewpoint of KANOON IRAN NOVIN as a professional organization involved in advertising, this great capability of city should not be discarded and deprived the society and the economy from its gifts. It should be noted that using the urban environment for advertising enjoys precise and strong rules and principles for its own of which full observance of citizens’ rights, close attention to the social and cultural role of the environmental advertisings, commitment to the principles of aesthetics in design and full observance of safety rules in implementation of work are from among these rules and principles.

Such a comprehensive and multilateral understanding of the environmental medias and their characteristics and requirements has caused that KANOON IRAN NOVIN become distinguished and pioneer in the field of environmental advertising in the nation such that you may find rare accredited brands which have not benefited from the great capabilities and possibilities of KANOON IRAN NOVIN in this field.

Fortunately, in this way, the Environmental Media Department of KANOON IRAN NOVIN have implemented a great and various numbers of the most successful commercial and social campaigns. Support of KANOON to successfully implement these project is to benefit from the entire organizational capacity and profound and professional interaction and cooperation with accredited, great and well-known brands; a constant cooperation and coordination aiming at construction of a developed, more informative, more elegant and more dynamic city.

Environmental Media Department Services

  • Identifying, valuing and choosing exemplary and strategic structures for provision of distinguished services
  • Planning and presenting environmental promotional packages of City of Tehran and capital cities of provinces
  • Planning and implementing nationwide coordinated and concentrated environmental promotional campaigns
  • Monitoring and reporting periodic screening (day and night)
  • Monitoring and analyzing the behavior of competitors as the case may require by the ads owners
  • Development, reconstruction and improvement of the environmental structures
  • Billboards and decks of the environmental bridges of Tehran City
  •  Billboards and decks of the environmental bridges of capital cities of provinces and cities of Iran
  • Billboards and decks of the interurban and road environmental bridges of the nation    5*2
  • Environmental media of the state airports
  • Environmental media of the state railway terminals
  • Making solid and 3D billboards
  • Making types of digital and backlight stands and signboards
  •  Identifying, assessing and valuing the new environmental spaces

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Environmental Medias
Environmental Medias
Environmental Medias