Face to face communication media department (BTL)
Face-to-Face Communication, Creating an experience

Face-to-Face communication medias (BTL: Below-the-Line) provides the brands with the possibility of interacting with their audience through face-to-face and direct communication and/or it enables them to develop more profound relationship with the audience at sale points and across the city by creating memorable experiences.

Enjoying more than 3000 trained and professional staff across the nation, great knowledge and skills, specialized facilities and equipment and widespread communication network, we at this Department are ready to transfer your message to the audience through various procedures. Within the framework of commercial marketing and direct marketing and sale when they are integrated with appropriate strategy and idea development, the fruit of using these procedures will create significant value and extraordinary achievements for you.

Experience of planning and execution of one hundred projects through result-oriented management has given a unique capability to the colleagues at this Department of KANOON IRAN NOVIN. They are completely familiar with various socioeconomic behavior of different regions and areas of the city and the country. Hence, interacting with their audience, they try utmost to hire the appropriate approach, procedure and language of a widespread range of the audience. This significant item is the fundamental rule of face-to-face communication; incredible effectiveness of this kind of communication is based on this great rule accordingly.

Point of Sale Materials (POSM)

Advertising and promotion at the point of sale where final decisions are adopted by consumers, is of great importance and it is regarded one of the very effective measures as well.

At this section, a collection of your required services from the specialized design to construction, execution and installation of all promotional items are provided.

Our knowledge and experience in this specialized field which is the fruit of widespread attendance at the target market and provision of services to ten brands during many years, has made the possibility for the brands to enjoy the best quality for fulfillment of project and the most distinguished infrastructures based on the costs which are quite affordable in this field.

Services of Face-to-Face Communication Medias (BTL: Below-The-Line)

  • Planning and codifying the Trade Marketing Strategy
  • Planning and implementation of sales promotion approaches
  • Implementing types of sampling
  • Specialized designing the planogram and implementing merchandizing
  • Designing 0 to 100 of the projects based on mobile marketing (Combination of one-branded and promoter projects)
  • Designing and implementing the creative road-show
  • Idea processing and implementing the Guerrilla marketing
  • Designing, producing and implementing types of promotional point of sale materials (POSM)

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Face to face communication media department (BTL)
Face to face communication media department (BTL)
Face to face communication media department (BTL)
Face to face communication media department (BTL)
Face to face communication media department (BTL)