Graphics Atelier
The most beautiful image is your face

Graphics Atelier” of KANOON IRAN NOVIN profoundly perceives the importance attached to this principle and the professional certain fact that promotional and marketing success of a brand owes to its visual communication with the audience. Moreover, it is fully aware of the fact that nothing but a precise and well-organized visual communication will create an elegant and memorable figure of a brand in the mind of the audience.

It is quite interesting to know that one of the indirect and efficient ways of branding is to refer the mental image of the audience to the brand and its features. Hence, nowadays this approach has found a significant place in advertisings. However, realization of this important case and to create an integrated visual identify for a brand in all advertising medias do require a comprehensive and expert visual executive strategy. Meantime, the contemporary world is the world of images and every one of us face thousand images every day. Within this space full of images, Graphics Department of KANOON IRAN NOVIN tries utmost to create a unique and effective visual character of one brand through which it will give the corresponding brand a distinguished feature accordingly.

Services of Graphics Department

  • Design visual identify of a brand and compile the visual strategy
  • Design logo and logotype and select the organizational color of the brand
  • Design collection of administrative documents and papers
  • Design advertising catalogues and brochures
  • Design promotional concept for various medias (such as billboards, straboard, posters, advertising of the sales place, etc.)
  • Design packages of products
  • Design statute
  • Graphic design of internet pages, websites and the ones
  • Page design and format design the journals and magazines
  • Design securities and certifications
  • Design visual pictograms
  • Design characters
  • Design organizational font of the brand
  • Design concepts, bags and cards for occasional packages and calendars

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Graphics Atelier
Graphics Atelier
Graphics Atelier