Postproduction (Imaginary Line Studio)
Filming to screening; a complete package

Professional commitment of our colleagues in “Imaginary Line Studio” is clear:
Whatever is in your mind and you expect in postproduction stage, leave it with us and we will change it into reality.
Expertise of our colleagues in imaginary line studio is to perform editing and to provide all postproduction services such as visual special effects, color correction and film editing boxes. This job is performed in advance editing rooms by using updated hardware and software sets and above all by a team of the best experts of special effects and editing in the nation.
One of the exemplary skills of our colleagues in this department is the capability to change all video formats from one to the another with the best quality. Acquaintance with the latest DCP standards and encoding the films for local and international release is another capability of our laboratory.
Technical issues of cinema projects are sometimes so complicated and extensive. Experts of imaginary line studio are always prepared to provide other colleagues throughout the nation and zone with their professional knowledge and experience to solve such complications in terms of consultation.

Services of postproduction department (Imaginary Line Studio)

  • Technical supervision
  • Archiving
  • DCP
  • Mastering
  • Correction of color and light
  • Graphic design
  • Special effects

Picture gallery

Postproduction (Imaginary Line Studio)
Postproduction (Imaginary Line Studio)
Postproduction (Imaginary Line Studio)
Postproduction (Imaginary Line Studio)