The best equipment, the most effective advertising

The main goal of production department is to visualize attractive ideas and to implement them by quite creative methods. Whatever goes in the mind of a creative author becomes objective in production department.
To achieve this goal, in addition to expert, capable and professional manpower, access to advanced and updated equipment and facilities is necessary.
This department always endeavors to enjoy the cooperation, power and support of elite artists of the nation in the fields of film direction, camerawork, stage design, costume design, decoration, makeup, special effects, acting, etc.
As the result of these two important principles, namely enjoying the art and expertise of professionals and updated technical equipment and professional facilities, production department of KANOON IRAN NOVIN tries to produce a broad range of visual contents, types of real advertisements and teasers, animations, industrial films and video reports based on international standards.

Some of the features of this department:
– Enjoying the most updated CNC cutting and finishing machines for producing types of decoration
– Enjoying 5 equipped studios covering an area of 2,500 m² for camerawork
– Procurement of clothes and accessories due to having a large warehouse (old and special accessories to modern equipment)
– Enjoying the most updated video cameras (ARPI, Mini Alexa plus Master Prime lens, etc.) and lighting equipment
– Enjoying aerial camerawork (by helishot) in different parts of Iran
– Underwater filming

Production department services

  • Prepare and produce types of TV ads and teasers (real, animation, mixed) 1
  • Prepare and produce industrial films, advertising report, films to introduce organizations and industries 3
  • Prepare and produce video reports with different goals (project progress, monitoring by employer, etc.) 5
  • Video coverage (photos and films) for ceremonies, conferences, meetings, events and expos and simultaneous release in virtual networks 6
  • Prepare and produce live TV programs such as lotteries 4
  • Prepare news reports and popular reports (targeted interviews) 7
  • Prepare and produce documentaries and cultural programs (such as the project of My Iran, etc.)

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