Sport and Art Sponsorship
Support good things and you will get better

Sport events are among the most important communication and media procedures of the world today. They are also a unique opportunity for commercial and social advertising. Thousands and sometimes millions of people, without knowing each other, directly and/or through radio and TV media participate in an event and share their feelings with all their sincerity; a unique and different behavior which can be found in special circumstances.
The result of supportive measures in such empathetic gatherings is double. For this reason, reputable brands try to benefit from this atmosphere in line with fulfillment of their social responsibility. Spending advertising costs for a brand to develop sport infrastructures of the nation and sport facilities, especially for the youth, gives a valuable feature to a brand.
The job of specialized and active department of Sport and Art Sponsorship of KANOON IRAN NOVIN is to facilitate and implement this process, i.e., the brands support sport talents and/or a special sport event so that by this support, the community becomes more lively and brand social image becomes more attractive.
In addition, the brands that provide products and/or services to the community can take advantage of professional capability and experience of sport sponsorship department and the facilities of KANOON IRAN NOVIN to introduce themselves.

Services of art and sport sponsorship department

  • Utilization of advertising spaces around the local and international competition fields
  • Organizing local and international sport events and tournaments
  • Utilization of the advertising space on the clothes of referees and club teams
  • Utilization of advertising spaces of national teams of sport fields
  • Construction and operation of advertising spaces of IRIB sport programs
  • Utilization of advertising spaces of sport complexes
  • Utilization concerts and cultural and art events
  • Utilization of image of popular athletes and artists beside the brands as brand ambassador

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Sport and Art Sponsorship