Brand success; strategy and solution

Having been aware of the customer’s demands, strategy department of KANOON IRAN NOVIN collects and analyzes the corresponding data and tries to take the best and most advantages from such data for its strategic plans. This is realized by considering the type, nature, field of activity and demands of customers.
By implementation of processes such as branding, brand current value analysis, market analysis, product or service analysis and evaluation of product position in the market, the goal of strategy department is to establish an effective communication with the audience, to increase competitive advantages of a brand and to decrease probable disadvantages.
At this department, codification of strategy and plans is carried out by relying on the world modern knowledge in branding and marketing fields. Performance of works is based on the three following principles:
1- Precise review of customers’ demands
2- Comprehensive analysis of target market
3- Localization and use of successful experiences of authentic brands of the world in each field

Services of strategy and branding department

  • Periodic analysis of industry trends in Iran and the world
  • Prepare business plan
  • Find business complications
  • Regulate pricing strategy
  • Assess the competitive environment
  • Suggestions for establishment of strategic alliances
  • Identify modern technologies in industry
  • Identify leading markets, offer modern solutions for market development
  • Identify and introduce major industry parties and their capabilities
  • Suggest strategic solutions regarding supply-related activities (Trade Marketing)
  • Analyze advertising measures of relevant and authentic brands of the world
  • Analyze advertising activities of competitors in the market
  • Provide strategies for advertising campaigns
  • Provide strategies for public relations campaigns
  • Provide strategies for social responsibility campaigns
  • Lead and direct campaigns
  • Design a proper strategy for various contact points of brand along the customer’s path
  • Analyze advertising campaigns
  • Provide an effective media plan
  • Provide strategies in line with brand furtherance
  • Examine brand market
  • Brand monitoring
  • Analyze brand audience
  • Design and codify the strategy of portfolio management and brand architecture
  • Codify and design a strategy for brand conceptual identity including brand placement, competitive advantage, suggested value, brand essence and promise (the core of the brand story idea), brand identity, architype brand, brand personality, brand sense
  • Develop and design a brand verbal identity strategy such as brand name, tagline, brand tone, key words

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