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We have proved our friendship in travels.

Travelling is a very active and attractive communicative action. There is no doubt in this respect. However, we have less heard that despite the belief of thinkers, tourism is a media because it is a place for acquaintances, familiarizations, communication and friendships. During a travel we are actively involved in identifying the world around us and deeply communicating with each other.
Visiting different cities and countries, orientation with various cultures and lifestyles, dialogue and coexistence with different people further to joy and happiness hidden in the travel, the most important issue to which the knowledge of communication is devoted reminds us of the fact that: Societies and humans are quite different from one another and we as human, instead of trying to omit and/or to change these differences, should recognize such differences and varieties and try utmost to develop a bridge over the said differences.
As the popular Afghan Poet, Najib Barvar says:
Wherever there is a border, you make a bridge
Talk about Tehran, Samarghand and Sarpol
Bring glass from Balkh and bring wine from Shiraz
Show the kaif of both worlds by reading lyrics
The approach of KANOON IRAN NOVIN toward travels is based on the same communicative perception that comprises the theme of advertising, promotional, marketing and branding activities of KANOON. Our main goal of establishment of and keeping pace with Novin Travel Company is to create a fresh opportunity and creative experience of a travel especially for brands.
Our colleagues at Novin Travel Company consider it as their professional-ethical duty to change a travel into a successful communicative experience for managers and staff of great brands and dear travelers. We have the honor to always share our brilliant success in enjoying great travels with you.

Services of Tourism Department (Novin Travel Company)

  • Issuance of domestic and international flight tickets 1
  • Issuance of domestic and international train tickets
  • Visa pickup of Iran and of other countries of the world
  • Provision of airport services such as welcoming and transfer
  • Reservation of domestic and international hotels
  • Design and administration of various tours for domestic and international tourism destinations
  • Issuance of travel insurances
  • – Issuance of international driver’s license, carrying out transit plate and cabotage
  • Administration of medical, nature-therapy and health tours
  • Ecotourism
  • Industrial, commercial and exhibition tours
  • Designing customized individual and group packages
  • Cultural and historical tours
  • Provision of all online services to organizations

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Tourism- Novin Travel
Tourism- Novin Travel
Tourism- Novin Travel
Tourism- Novin Travel
Tourism- Novin Travel
Tourism- Novin Travel